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Start-up en phase de développement :

VirtuOR, Green Communications and Ethertrust

Start-up lancée sur le marché :

Ucopia Communications and QoSMOS


EtherTrust markets software for smart cards and designs innovative solutions that strengthen drastically the WEB security and simplifies the application access for the End User. EtherTrust software ensures secure access to any IP resource and offers secured privacy for WEB applications. Ethertrust customers are mainly: telecommunication operators who need to simplify the user experiences of their customers, or Banks for securing their web account access and preventing phishing attacks. EtherTrust is also working with SIM vendors and pure web players. EtherTrust is a spin-off from research carried out at major research institutes (Telecom ParisTech) and French Universities (University Paris 6). They have won various awards such as the Oseo Anvar and the SecureTheWeb awards.


Création en : 01/01/2008
Lien : http://www.ethertrust.com/

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