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Connected Cities

ICT Labs

The objective of ConnectedCities is to interconnect two nodes, Trento and Paris to store, index and process city data and share best practices and methodologies for data and data bases management and data life cycle management in cities. Current methods, tools and methodologies are quite diverse in European cities and all over the globe and face compatibility and interoperability hurdles. The goal is to address and remove these obstacles to unify representations of city related data, indexation, storage, retrieval and management of city data irrespective of location and underlying technologies. Virtualisation technologies (network virtualisation technologies and service virtualisation) as well as cloud storage and computing technologies are readily available from the three involved nodes in the ConnectedCities activity. The Trento node covers the mobile cloud segment of the target infrastructure distributed across the involved cities as well as the front end providing access to city back end systems (focusing on storage and organisation of city data). The Paris node contributes virtualisation technologies for node federation and make available cloud storage, computing and “cloud networking” technologies and software deployment tools to build the overall ConnectedCities infrastructure and the containers to host software from the participants dedicated to city data representation, storage, indexation and management. One key goal of ConnectedCities is to share and exchange experience and city data indexation and management methodologies to identify common ground and extract a unified model for city data representation and life cycle management. The scope includes a) data collected by measurement devices and sensors throughout the city to improve city services through environment monitoring and protection methodologies and b) structuring and enriching city data related to all city actors including organisations, citizens and businesses. The aim is to build generic open source software to enrich dynamically city data with metadata to enhance city indexation systems in distributed data bases across European cities and to build common access and invocation interfaces to city platforms and infrastructures. The latter rely on heterogeneous storage, computing and communications technologies and are expected to make more extensive use of cloud technologies in the future to handle the massive amounts of city related information. The aim of ConnectedCities is to build a sample distributed cloud infrastructure reflecting the foreseen future infrastructure and the city data management software and systems and deploy, test and validate in a second stage tools and software dedicated to city data storage, indexation and life cycle management.

Durée: : -- 01/01/2011 ~ 31/12/2012Membre faisant partie du projet : Hoteit Sahar and Amokrane Ahmed
Publications liées : 2014   2013   2012  

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