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Programme de recherche international

FERRARI: Femtocell Enabled Roaming and Resource Allocation for a more Resilient Interconnection. Femtocells recently appeared as a viable solution to enable broadband connectivity in mobile access networks. Instead of re-dimensioning macrocells at the base station level, the modular installation of short-range, low-cost and licensed spectrum access points (Femtocells) can grant multiple benefits, such as offloading the macrocells, increasing the indoor download capacity and improving customer satisfaction. This research project focuses on Femtocell networks, specifically on resource allocation and roaming management. The design of a large Femtocell network faces technical challenges mainly arising from its coexistence with the cellular network, most notably interference. We will investigate three priority areas: 1) resource allocation and interference management; 2) cross-femto roaming traffic management; and 3) the evaluation of proposed solutions in several scenarios using realistic mobility and interference models and an experimental testbed.

Funded by CNRS PICS program.

Durée: : 3 ans -- 02/01/2012 ~ 31/12/2014


Partenaires : CNRS and University of Waterloo
Membre faisant partie du projet : Langar Rami, Secci Stefano, Hatoum Abbas Antoun, Hoteit Sahar and Amokrane Ahmed
Publications liées : 2015   2014   2013   2012  

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