Detailed description of the work. For each specific aim: a proposed workplan should be described (including preliminary data, work packages and deliverables)
Partition of the project into work packages
The objective of this project is first to define the architecture from the data plane to the knowledge plane via the virtualization plane, the management & control planes, and the piloting plane. Then to work more in details on two intermediate planes: the virtualisation and the piloting plane. The virtualisation will provide several forwarding planes where the different flows will be allocated depending on control algorithms fed by the piloting plane. The piloting plane will introduce the smart process for optimizing partitioning in the physical resources and feeding the control algorithms.
This architecture must fulfil the requirements of the users. For that, the piloting plane will be defined with strong intelligence schemes and will be able to react in real time. The project is divided into four work packages:
1- The context-aware post-IP architecture
2- The virtual network environment
3- The piloting plane
4- Piloting the virtual network environment

Research areas