Important Dates

July 6, 2008:
July 20, 2008:
Extended submission deadline (Hard Deadline)

September 8, 2008:
September 12, 2008:
Notification of acceptance

October 5, 2008:
Camera-ready version


Travel Grant Opportunities

A limited number of travel grants are available to encourage students to attend IFIP WIRELESS DAYS CONFERENCE 2008. There are 02 travel grants sponsored by France Telecom and 02 travel grants sponsored by IFIP. Applicants should submit the following information by 01 October 2008.

IFIP WIRELESS DAYS CONFERENCE 2008 Travel Grant Opportunity for Students

The IFIP WIRELESS DAYS CONFERENCE 2008 executive committee is pleased to announce the availability of Student Travel Grants, sponsored by France Telecom and IFIP. Applications are invited students studying in the world. Students will be reimbursed (based on the valid receipts) for their expenses after the conference is over. Only airfare carrier will be reimbursed! An application for a student travel award will consist of:

The letter from the student should include:

The advisor's recommendation letter for the student should include:


Application information should be sent to:
Aziza Lounis
Fax: +33 1 44 27 87 83