Important Dates

July 6, 2008:
July 20, 2008:
Extended submission deadline (Hard Deadline)

September 8, 2008:
September 12, 2008:
Notification of acceptance

October 5, 2008:
Camera-ready version


Track 1: 2nd International Home Networking (IHN) 2008

The International Home Networking (IHN) 2008 conference covers theory, architecture, protocols design and application for the control of the future domestic networks. Indeed, domestic networks are evolving very quickly to become complete networks. Tens and even hundreds of flows are going through this network. Moreover, the flows are coming from very different machines: from the telecommunication world, the Consumer Electronic industry, and the domestic manufacturers. Networks to carry the different flows are also very different going from wireless networks (WiFi, UWB, etc.) to CPL networks via more classical Ethernet solutions. Finally, equipments are very heterogeneous: TV, laptop, PDA, refrigerator, sensor, RFID, etc.

The aim of this track is to provide an international technical forum for experts from industry and academia everywhere in the world to exchange ideas and present results of ongoing researches in home networking. Topics include, but are not limited to:

Track Chairs

Program Chair Nadjib Achir University Paris 13, France
Publicity Chair Xavier Carcelle Open Pattern

Technical Committees

  Stefano Bregni, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Stefano Galli, Panasonic R&D Company of America, USA
Hossam Afifi, Institut Telecom, France
Dominique Gaiti, University of Troyes, France
Walter Grote, UTFSM, Spain
Ulf Korner, University of Lund, Sweden
Shengming Jiang, South China University of Technology, China
Haniph A. Latchman, University of Florida, USA
Thomas Luckenbach, Fraunhofer Institut FOKUS, Germany
Sylvain Meyer, France Telecom, France
José-Marcos Nogueira, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil
Tobias Ritzau, Sony Ericsson
Yutaka Takahashi, Kyoto University, Japan
Achir Nadjib, Univeristy of Paris 13, France
Abderrahmane Lakas, United Arab Emirates University, UAE
Mohamed Hassan, American University of Sharjah, UAE
Fawaz Wissam, Lebanese American University, Lebanon
Ken Chen, University of Paris 13, France
Laurend Reynaud, Orange, France
Elena Pagani, University of Milano, Italy
Pedro Cuenca, Universidad de Castilla-la-Mancha, Spain
Jean-Philippe Javaudin, Orange Labs
Tuna Tuğcu, Boğaziçi University, Turkey